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Fast and dependable network is an inevitable factor to keep pace with your day-to-day operations. Technology solutions2 is an end-to-end provider of network connections and infrastructures show high speeds, performance and reliability with virtually no downtime that are guaranteed to meet or beat your expectations.TS2 specializes in the integration, maintenance, construction and deployment of several different types of WAN & LAN connections. Our intelligent network security and firewall services ensure that your network is secure, allowing your business and your people to operate successfully and professionally. We utilize a lifecycle approach that spans strategy, measurement, planning, design, performance and management.

Server setup

In today’s marketplace, there are quite a few vendors that sell hardware servers. We’ll take an estimation out of figuring out what server fits your business and needs. There are many server setups that can meet your business needs. That means that we can find a setup that fits within your budget.

Server maintenance

Used for many businesses today, investing in costly monitoring tools and the technology staff to maintain applications just isn’t cost effective. Without the proper tools and trained staff, key applications and core business processes are exposed. TS2 can help you establish a robust business stability plan by mitigating against costly downtime that will adversely affect your organization’s bottom line. Server maintenance includes deploying service packs, upgrades and security patches, as well as clearing cache files.


Technology Solution2 represents an increasing portfolio of technologies and features that make virtualization practical by eliminating performance overheads and improving security. We can provide hardware assist to the virtualization software, reducing its size, cost, and complexity. Special attention is also given to reduce the virtualization overheads occurring in cache, I/O, and memory. Over the last decade or so, a significant number of hypervisor vendors, solution developers, and users have been enabled with TS2.

Data backup and recovery

Technology solution2 provides a wide range of Managed Backup, Data Recovery Services to provide the level of protection you need to help keep your business running. Whether you need a backup to recover quickly in the event of a disaster or a full suite of business continuity planning that provides the capability to spin up your entire infrastructure in a matter of minutes, from any location - we can help.

Hardware/Software repair

We provide solutions for every computer repair related issue that you could ever have. Our certified TS2 have been in the computer repair industry for many years. Our goal at Technology solutions2 Computer Repair is to provide you with the greatest service experience continually

IT consulting

Technology Solutions2 IT consulting company with a highly creative development team. We have a real passion for delivering exclusive and modern software solutions for our customers. We care for what we do and we want to help you deliver on your goals and make lasting partnerships. We have many years’ IT consulting experience in a wide range of industries including financial, technology, manufacturing, legal and a lot of more.

Software Testing

TS2 Software Testing is about speed, tools, collaboration, automation,iteration, coupled to strategic thinking, problem-solving skills and technical skills. This rapid delivery requires both the functional and non-functional elements of the application to be strictly tested, aspects such as the code conformity across browsers and devices, the application being performant, it being secure and accessible to users that require assistive technologies.

Website design

A website is an important tool for all business and organization. Our Web designing Company the best specialized web designers and creative group. We can provide custom website designs to generate greater, measurable results and higher conversions. We can provide one complete solution for all your business need. We have an excellent team in Technical solution2.

Website hosting

Technology Solutions2 helps you to maintain your files for your websites through a Website Hosting Company. We also offer cloud hosting, Shared hosting, VPS server, Dedicated server and Linux Web Hosting, Windows Hosting. Organizations can store all their important information, images or other content on the server.

Virus, popup, and spyware removal

There are some viruses that cause your computer to do unusual things that anyone can diagnose as a virus. However viruses and other forms of malware have become so complex that many times they go undetected by your virus protection. We specialize in detecting and removing even the most inflexible viruses and malware. We use a technique that consists of physically removing viruses versus using software to do it.